Package: hax

Class abstract-handler


common-lisp:standard-object, sb-pcl::slot-object, common-lisp:t

Documented Subclasses


The superclass of all HAX handlers.

Direct subclasses have to implement all event methods, since no default methods are defined on this class.

Note that it is permissible to use handlers that are not instances of this class in some circumstances.

In particular, nil is a valid HAX handler and ignores all events.

In addition, SAX handlers are valid HAX handlers (and vice versa), even though hax:abstract-handler and sax:abstract-handler do not share a specific superclass. HAX events sent to SAX handlers are automatically re-signalled as XHTML SAX events, and SAX events sent to HAX handlers are re-signalled as namespace-less HAX events.

However, user code should define subclasses of the documented superclasses to enable the HAX/SAX bridging described above.


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