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We're moving common-lisp.net to a new server. In the process, all services will be completely reconfigured from scratch, with each service moving to its own subdomain. This work is likely to cause service interruptions over the coming weeks. If you want to offer a helping hand, please join clo-devel at common-lisp.net, where the process is being discussed and coordinated.

I've updated the scripts that generate the DarcsWeb repository listing. If something seems awry, please send me an e-mail.

Drew Crampsie and Gary King, both members of the Tech Co-op, have volunteered to take care of the duties required to administer cl.net. We would both like to extend a hearty thanks to Erik Enge for all the hard work over the years.

Due to commitments at work I'm unable to provide adequate support to common-lisp.net. The result of which is that there are several outstanding project applications (sorry guys, hope to get to them this week) and other misc tasks. I'm looking for someone to take over the day-to-day administration of common-lisp.net - I'll be happy to keep paying for the site and manage the donations (though equally happy to give that up as well). Email admin (at) common-lisp.net if you are interested. The chores involves mostly a couple of shell scripts that take care of adding users and projects.

We extended the filesystem with another 5G last night which resulted in it being left in a read-only state without us noticing right away. Sorry for the inconvenience, all is well now.

While the hoster was performing a filesystem backup we experienced a failure which eventually led to a reboot. All should be fine again, apologies for the inconvenience.

While the domain name was being transferred from the previous owner to myself we ran into some problems. It's all fixed now but if you're interested in the whole story, read it here.

Project administrators may now request Trac for their projects. Read more about how it's configured, see the official Trac homepage or view projects at common-lisp.net which currently use Trac.

We had 30 minutes of network outage today from our upstream vendor. The box stayed running the entire time but please let me know if there were any side-effects from this that I can help with.

Move is complete. FTP will trickle in over the next few days. Please email me at erik.enge@gmail.com if there any problems. Thanks.

Tomorrow, Thursday the 23rd from 6PM EST, common-lisp.net will be unavailable for 24+ hours. We are moving to a new server and a new colocation facility in an effort to deal with our stability issues. Thanks for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience. Check here and comp.lang.lisp for updates on when we are back online.

We'll have a short period of downtime this Saturday at 8PM EST. The hosting provider will be adding more diskspace to our server as we are currently about to exceed the 20G we were originally given. We should be back up again by 8:30PM EST.

It seems that our hosting provider's colo provider is completely incompetent. We're now on our third downtime in one week and have made the obvious decision to move to another colocation facility. I'm sorry about all the downtime and inconveniences. My hosting provider (Tech Co-op) tells me they will try and move us into a new colo some time next week. In the mean time, I'm terribly sorry to have to provide such an unreliable service and hope the users will bear with us until we have this resolved.

Thanks to Erik Huelsmann for helping me set up Subversion on common-lisp.net. Now all projects have a default Subversion repository set up in /project/project-name/svn correctly configured to email commits to project-name-cvs@common-lisp.net. If you want to continue using arch, darcs or CVS, that's fine and if you want to move onto Subversion that should now be very easy to do. Let me know if there are any questions or problems.

We experienced an hour or so of downtime today, again. The server was powercycled (electrician flipped wrong breaker) and didn't come back up correctly because of a corrupted filesystem (well, a small part of it; fixed now).

Upgraded loginfo for CVS repositories (the "deprecated format strings" warning should now be a thing of the past) though users should see no real changes. Let me know if there are any problems.

We had a significant outtage over night (2 hours), all is back to normal now. Read more here.

To stay up-to-date with all releases that are announced on the various mailinglists you simply need to be subscribed to the announcements mailinglist.

Moved to a new server, read more here.

You can now donate to help pay for the operating costs of common-lisp.net

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