CLFSWM - Configuration variables

Here are the variables you can configure in CLFSWM with the configuration file or the configuration menu:

Configuration variables groups:

<= Circulate Mode Group =>

   *circulate-text-limite* = 30
        Maximum text limite in the circulate window
   *circulate-transparency* = 0.8
        Circulate window background transparency
   *circulate-height* = 15
        Circulate mode window height
   *circulate-width* = 400
        Circulate mode window width
   *circulate-border* = "red"
        Circulate string window border color
   *circulate-foreground* = "green"
        Circulate string window foreground color
   *circulate-background* = "black"
        Circulate string window background color
   *circulate-font-string* = "fixed"
        Circulate string window font string

<= Corner Group =>

   *corner-command-try-number* = 10
        Number of try to wait the window in query tree
   *corner-command-try-delay* = 0.2
        Time to wait before checking window in query tree
   *corner-error-message-delay* = 5
        Time to display the error message on commad error
   *corner-error-message-color* = "red"
        Error message color
   *clfswm-terminal-cmd* = "xterm -T clfswm-terminal"
        The clfswm terminal command.
        This command must set the window title to *clfswm-terminal-name*
   *clfswm-terminal-name* = "clfswm-terminal"
        The clfswm terminal name
   *virtual-keyboard-cmd* = "xvkbd"
        The command to display the virtual keybaord
        Here is an ~/.Xresources example for xvkbd:
        xvkbd.windowGeometry: 300x100-0-0
        xvkbd*Font: 6x12
        xvkbd.modalKeytop: true
        xvkbd.customization: -french
        xvkbd.keypad: false
        And make it always on top
   *corner-second-mode-right-button* = ((:TOP-LEFT NIL) (:TOP-RIGHT NIL) (:BOTTOM-RIGHT EXPOSE-ALL-WINDOWS-MODE) (:BOTTOM-LEFT NIL))
        Actions on corners in the second mode with the right mouse button
   *corner-second-mode-middle-button* = ((:TOP-LEFT HELP-ON-CLFSWM) (:TOP-RIGHT NIL) (:BOTTOM-RIGHT NIL) (:BOTTOM-LEFT NIL))
        Actions on corners in the second mode with the middle mouse button
   *corner-second-mode-left-button* = ((:TOP-LEFT NIL) (:TOP-RIGHT NIL) (:BOTTOM-RIGHT EXPOSE-WINDOWS-MODE) (:BOTTOM-LEFT NIL))
        Actions on corners in the second mode with the left mouse button
   *corner-main-mode-right-button* =
        (:BOTTOM-LEFT NIL))
        Actions on corners in the main mode with the right mouse button
        Actions on corners in the main mode with the middle mouse button
        Actions on corners in the main mode with the left mouse button
   *corner-size* = 3
        The size of the corner square

<= Expose Mode Group =>

   *expose-direct-select* = T
        Immediately select child if they can be directly accessed
   *expose-transparency* = 0.9
        Expose string window background transparency
   *expose-show-window-title* = T
        Show the window title on accel window
   *expose-valid-on-key* = T
        Valid expose mode when an accel key is pressed
   *expose-border* = "grey20"
        Expose string window border color
   *expose-background-letter-match* = "green"
        Expose string window background color for matching letters
   *expose-foreground-letter-nok* = "grey30"
        Expose string window foreground color for letter not selected
   *expose-foreground-letter* = "red"
        Expose string window foreground color for letters
   *expose-foreground* = "grey50"
        Expose string window foreground color
   *expose-background* = "grey10"
        Expose string window background color
   *expose-font-string* = "fixed"
        Expose string window font string

<= Frame Colors Group =>

   *frame-transparency* = 0.6
        Frame background transparency
   *frame-foreground-hidden* = "Darkgreen"
        Frame foreground for hidden windows
   *frame-foreground-root* = "Red"
        Frame foreground when the frame is the root frame
   *frame-foreground* = "Green"
        Frame foreground
   *frame-background* = "Black"
        Frame background

<= Gimp Layout Group =>

   *gimp-layout-notify-window-delay* = 30
        Time to display the GIMP layout notify window help

<= Hook Group =>

   *query-button-press-hook* = NIL
        Query hook. Hook called on each button press event in query loop
   *query-key-press-hook* = (QUERY-MODE-COMPLETE-SUGGEST-RESET)
        Query hook. Hook called on each key press event in query loop
   *default-nw-hook* = DEFAULT-FRAME-NW-HOOK
        Default action to do on newly created windows
        Close hook. This hook is run just before closing the display
        Init hook. This hook is run just after the first root frame is created
   *root-size-change-hook* = NIL
        Hook executed when the root size has changed for example when adding/removing a monitor
   *main-entrance-hook* = NIL
        Hook executed on the main function entrance after
        loading configuration file and before opening the display.
   *loop-hook* = NIL
        Hook executed on each event loop
   *binding-hook* =
        Hook executed when keys/buttons are bounds

<= Identify Key Group =>

   *identify-transparency* = 0.8
        Identify window background transparency
   *identify-border* = "red"
        Identify window border color
   *identify-foreground* = "green"
        Identify window foreground color
   *identify-background* = "black"
        Identify window background color
   *identify-font-string* = "fixed"
        Identify window font string

<= Info Mode Group =>

   *info-color-second* = "lightblue"
        Colored info second color
   *info-color-first* = "Cyan"
        Colored info first color
   *info-color-underline* = "Yellow"
        Colored info underline color
   *info-color-title* = "Magenta"
        Colored info title color
   *info-click-to-select* = T
        If true, click on info window select item. Otherwise, click to drag the menu
   *info-transparency* = 0.8
        Info window background transparency
   *info-font-string* = "fixed"
        Info window font string
   *info-selected-background* = "blue"
        Info selected item background color
   *info-line-cursor* = "white"
        Info window line cursor color color
   *info-border* = "red"
        Info window border color
   *info-foreground* = "green"
        Info window foreground color
   *info-background* = "black"
        Info window background color

<= Main Mode Group =>

   *color-maybe-selected* = "Yellow"
        Color of maybe selected windows
   *color-unselected* = "Blue"
        Color of unselected color
   *color-selected* = "Red"
        Color of selected window
   *color-move-window* = "DeepPink"
        Color when moving or resizing a windows

<= Menu Group =>

   *menu-key-bound-color* = "gray50"
        Key bound min menu color
   *menu-color-menu-key* = #
        Menu key color in menu
   *menu-color-key* = "Magenta"
        Key color in menu
   *menu-color-comment* = "Yellow"
        Comment color in menu
   *menu-color-submenu* = "Cyan"
        Submenu color in menu
   *xdg-section-list* =
        Standard menu sections

<= Miscellaneous Group =>

   *default-window-height* = 300
        Default window height
   *default-window-width* = 400
        Default window width
   *spatial-move-delay-after* = 0.5
        Delay to display the new child after doing a spatial move
   *spatial-move-delay-before* = 0.2
        Delay to display the current child before doing a spatial move
   *snap-size* = 5
        Snap size (in % of parent size) when move or resize frame is constrained
   *hide-unmanaged-window* = T
        Hide or not unmanaged windows when a child is deselected.
   *never-managed-window-list* =
        CLFSWM will never manage windows of this type.
        A list of (list match-function handle-function)
   *default-modifiers* = NIL
        Default modifiers list to append to explicit modifiers
        Example: :mod-2 for num_lock, :lock for Caps_lock...
   *show-hide-policy* = #
        'NIL': always display all children (better with transparency support).
        '<': Hide only children less than children above.

'<=': Hide children less or equal to children above (better for performance on slow machine).

   *default-focus-policy* = :CLICK
        Default mouse focus policy. One of :click, :sloppy, :sloppy-strict or :sloppy-select.
   *default-managed-type* = (:NORMAL)
        Default managed window types
        Default slots set in frame date
   *default-font-string* = "fixed"
        The default font used in clfswm
   *loop-timeout* = 1
        Maximum time (in seconds) to wait before calling *loop-hook*
   *border-size* = 1
        Windows and frames border size
   *show-root-frame-p* = NIL
        Show the root frame information or not
   *default-transparency* = 0.8
        Default transparency for all windows when in xcompmgr transparency mode
   *transparent-background* = T
        Enable transparent background: one of nil, :pseudo, t (xcompmgr must be started)
   *have-to-compress-notify* = T
        Compress event notify?
        This variable may be useful to speed up some slow version of CLX.
        It is particulary useful with CLISP/MIT-CLX.

<= Notify Window Group =>

   *notify-window-transparency* = 0.8
        Notify window background transparency
   *notify-window-delay* = 10
        Notify Window display delay
   *notify-window-border* = "red"
        Notify Window border color
   *notify-window-foreground* = "green"
        Notify Window foreground color
   *notify-window-background* = "black"
        Notify Window background color
   *notify-window-font-string* = "fixed"
        Notify window font string

<= Placement Group =>

   *unmanaged-window-placement* = MIDDLE-MIDDLE-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Unmanager window placement
   *ask-close/kill-placement* = TOP-RIGHT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Ask close/kill window placement
   *notify-window-placement* = BOTTOM-RIGHT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Notify window placement
   *expose-query-placement* = BOTTOM-LEFT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Expose mode query window placement
   *expose-mode-placement* = TOP-LEFT-CHILD-PLACEMENT
        Expose mode window placement (Selection keys position)
   *circulate-mode-placement* = BOTTOM-MIDDLE-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Circulate mode window placement
   *query-mode-placement* = TOP-LEFT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Query mode window placement
   *info-mode-placement* = TOP-LEFT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Info mode window placement
   *second-mode-placement* = TOP-MIDDLE-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Second mode window placement
   *banish-pointer-placement* = BOTTOM-RIGHT-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Pointer banishment placement

<= Query String Group =>

   *query-min-complet-char* = 2
        Query minimum input length for completion
   *query-max-complet-length* = 100
        Query maximum length of completion list
   *query-transparency* = 0.8
        Query string window background transparency
   *query-border* = "red"
        Query string window border color
   *query-parent-error-color* = "red"
        Query string window parenthesis color when no match
   *query-parent-color* = "blue"
        Query string window parenthesis color
   *query-cursor-color* = "white"
        Query string window foreground cursor color
   *query-foreground* = "green"
        Query string window foreground color
   *query-message-color* = "yellow"
        Query string window message color
   *query-background* = "black"
        Query string window background color
   *query-font-string* = "fixed"
        Query string window font string

<= Root Group =>

   *show-current-root-message* = "Current root"
        Current root notify window message
   *show-current-root-placement* = MIDDLE-MIDDLE-ROOT-PLACEMENT
        Current root notify window placement
   *show-current-root-delay* = 1
        Delay to show the current root
   *have-to-show-current-root* = T
        Show the current root if true
   *create-frame-on-root* = NIL
        Create frame on root.
        Set this variable to true if you want to allow to create a new frame
        on the root window in the main mode with the mouse

<= Second Mode Group =>

   *sm-transparency* = 0.8
        Second mode background transparency
   *sm-height* = 25
        Second mode window height
   *sm-width* = 300
        Second mode window width
   *sm-font-string* = "fixed"
        Second mode window font string
   *sm-foreground-color* = "Red"
        Second mode window foreground color
   *sm-background-color* = "Black"
        Second mode window background color
   *sm-border-color* = "Green"
        Second mode window border color

This documentation was produced with the CLFSWM auto-doc functions. To reproduce it, use the produce-conf-var-doc-html-in-file or the produce-all-docs function from the Lisp REPL.

Something like this:
LISP> (in-package :clfswm)
CLFSWM> (produce-conf-var-doc-html-in-file "my-variables.html")
CLFSWM> (produce-all-docs)