Class Widget

Base class for all widget objects.

Part of:

package weblocks, class pagination, class navigation, class flash, class datagrid, class dataform, class composite

Direct Subclass

compositeA composite widget is simply a container for other
widgets. The 'widgets' slot accessible with ...
dataformA class that represents a dataform widget. By default this widget
renders the data object with a ...
datagridRepresents a sortable, pagable table. This
widget is inspired by ASP.NET's datagrid control.
flashA widget that allows displaying a message that
disappears on the following request. It is usefu...
navigationThe navigation widget can act as a menu controls, a
tabbed control, etc. It contains a list of ...
paginationThe pagination widget can be used to provide UI to
break up large amount of data into pages.


Stores the continuation object for widgets that were invoked via one of the do-* functions ('do-page', etc.). When 'answer' is called on a widget, this value is used to resume the computation.
A name of the widget used in rendering CSS classes. If the name is not provided it will be generated automatically with 'generate-widget-id'.
Initform:(generate-widget-id), Initargs::name; Accessors:widget-name.
A list of widget paths (see 'find-widget-by-path') or widgets each of which will be made dirty when this widget is made dirty via a POST request. This slot allows setting up dependencies between widgets that will make multiple widgets update automatically during AJAX requests.
Initargs::propagate-dirty; Accessors:widget-propagate-dirty.
This slot holds a boolean flag indicating whether the widget has been rendered at least once. Because marking unrendered widgets as dirty may cause JS problems, 'mark-dirty' will use this flag to determine the status of a widget.
A function called prior to rendering the widget body. The function should expect the widget as well as any additional arguments passed to the widget.
Initargs::widget-prefix-fn; Accessors:widget-prefix-fn.
A function called after rendering the widget body. The function should expect the widget as well as any additional arguments passed to the widget.
Initargs::widget-suffix-fn; Accessors:widget-suffix-fn.

Direct Method

find-widget-by-path*Returns a widget object located at 'path', where 'path' is a list
of widget names starting from r...
mark-dirtyDefault implementation adds a widget to a list of dirty
widgets. Normally used during an AJAX req...
widget-css-classesReturns a string that represents applicable CSS
classes for 'widget'. Normally includes the class...