Class Ranq1-Random-Number-Generator

From Numerical Recipes in C:

This is a quick and dirty generator which 'is about as good as any
32-bit linear congruential generator. It is only about 1.7 times faster
than ran1 because of the extra divide we need. It also conses about
1.7 times less. I believe it has the same period as ran1.

Part of:

package cl-variates, class basic-random-number-generator

Default initargs

:random-seed → #

Direct Superclass


Root superclass for all random number generators.


current-valueInitform:0.0d0; Reader:current-value.
random-seedInitargs::random-seed; Reader:random-seed.

Direct Method


(Internal) (Re)initialize a random number generator. Called
when the generator is created and whe...


Returns the next pseudo random number from a random number
generator (using the generator as outp...

Other Method