Class Random-Number-Generation-Mixin

Mixing this class into another class will make it appear to be a random number generator. The new class can be used as a generator in the various random number routines, has a random seed and so on. The mixin also provides two initargs: random-seed and random-number-generator-class. The former is self-explanitory. The latter specifies which random number generator class to use.

Part of:

package cl-variates

Default initargs

:random-number-generator-class → #:random-seed → #


random-number-generatorInitargs::random-number-generator; Reader:random-number-generator.
random-number-generator-classInitargs::random-number-generator-class; Reader:random-number-generator-class.

Direct Method


Returns the next pseudo random number from a random number
generator (using the generator as outp...


Returns the original random seed of the generator.