Class Ran1-Random-Number-Generator

From Numerical Recipes in C:

'Minimal' random number generator of Park and Miller with Bayes-Durham
shuffle and added safeguards. Returns a uniform random deviate between 0.0 and
1.0 (exclusive of the endpoint values). It has a period of 2^31 - 1
(~ 2.1 x 10^9)

Part of:

package cl-variates, class basic-random-number-generator

Default initargs

:random-seed → #

Direct Superclass


Root superclass for all random number generators.


amInitform:0.0d0, Initargs::am; Reader:am.
iaInitform:16807.0d0, Initargs::ia; Reader:ia.
imInitform:2.147483647d+9, Initargs::im; Reader:im.
internal-seedInitform:0.0d0, Initargs::internal-seed; Reader:internal-seed.
iqInitform:127773.0d0, Initargs::iq; Reader:iq.
irInitform:2836.0d0, Initargs::ir; Reader:ir.
ivInitform:unbound, Initargs::iv; Reader:iv.
iyInitform:0.0d0, Initargs::iy; Reader:iy.
ndivInitform:0.0d0, Initargs::ndiv; Reader:ndiv.
ntabInitform:32, Initargs::ntab; Reader:ntab.
random-seedInitargs::random-seed; Reader:random-seed.
rnmxInitform:0.0d0, Initargs::rnmx; Reader:rnmx.

Direct Method


(Internal) (Re)initialize a random number generator. Called
when the generator is created and whe...


Returns the next pseudo random number from a random number
generator (using the generator as outp...

Other Method