CL-STM is an extension of Common Lisp to support composable Software Transactional Memory. STM makes concurrent programming qualitatively better. Instead of traditional lock-based programming, you program with atomic transactions. Atomic transactions can be composed together to make larger atomic transactions. Finally, it just so happens that transactions run in parallel, and are rolled back if there are conflicts.

STM gives us freedom from deadlock, automatic roll-back on failure, and it resolves the tension between granularity and concurrency.


Have a look at the tutorial for a beginners' guide. For more information see the API, which is generated from the source code.

Composable Memory Transactions gives you a deeper understanding of concept of transactions, and how they are combined.

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CL-STM is currently being developed by Hoan Ton-That for the Google Summer of Code 2006. Feel free to mail me any questions, and comments at

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