Function Do-Select

Part of:

package selenium
( do-select < select-locator > < option-locator > &optional (session *selenium-session*) )
Select an option from a drop-down using an option locator. Option locators provide different ways of specifying options of an HTML Select element (e.g. for selecting a specific option, or for asserting that the selected option satisfies a specification). There are several forms of Select Option Locator. label=labelPattern: matches options based on their labels, i.e. the visible text. (This is the default.) label=regexp:^[Oo]ther value=valuePattern: matches options based on their values. value=other id=id: matches options based on their ids. id=option1 index=index: matches an option based on its index (offset from zero). index=2 If no option locator prefix is provided, the default behaviour is to match on label.