CL-SBML Installation

Installing the CL-SBML Library

Prerequisites. The CL-SBML library depends on CL-XML. It also assumes that you are using MK:DEFSYSTEM to load and compile it. You need to have them installed before proceeding. However, building an ASDF system defition file should not be too difficult.

The CL-SBML library can be dowloaded from

Once unpacked in a location of your choice, you can load it in your running CL environment. However, you need to perform the following steps.

Make sure that CL-XML is present in your CL environment

If CL-XML is already present in your system, then you can skip this steps.

If you do not have CL-XML loaded, but you have it floating around the file system, then you can edit (sorry) the cl-sbml.system file. Look for the *_CL-XML-LOAD-FILE* parameter at the top of the file.

  ;;; cl-sbml.system

  ;;;  *_cl-xml-load-file* --
  ;;; Change this variable to accomodate the location of CL-XML.
  ;;; If you already have CL-XML loaded in your image, this is optional.

  (defparameter *_cl-xml-load-file*
    (pathname "x:/path/to/cl-xml/code/load.lisp")) ; This example is from LW.


Load and compile the CL-SBML system

Suppose you have unpacked CL-SBML in the directory "/path/to/cl-sbml/" (or "S:\path\to\cl-sbml\").

You can now either change to that directory or inform MK:DEFSYSTEM where to find the system definition file. To achieve this effect you do:

  cl-prompt> (mk:add-registry-location "/path/to/cl-sbml/")

Now, assuming that you are either in the right directory or that you have put the right directory in the MK:DEFSYSTEM registry, you issue the following command:

  cl-prompt> (mk:compile-system "cl-sbml")

You are in business. To double check, just look for the presence of the "CL-SBML" package in you image.

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