Function Confidence-Interval-T

Part of:

package cl-mathstats
( confidence-interval-t &rest < args > )

confidence-interval-t (data confidence)
Suppose you have a sample of 10 numbers and you want to compute a 90 percent
confidence interval on the population mean. This function is the one to use.
This function uses the t-distribution, and so it is appropriate for small sample
sizes. It can also be used for large sample sizes, but the function
confidence-interval-z&#39; may be computationally faster. It returns three values:<br> the mean and the lower and upper bound of the confidence interval. True, only<br> two numbers are necessary, but the confidence intervals of other statistics may<br> be asymmetrical and these values would be consistent with those confidence<br> intervals. Sample' should be a sequence of numbers. `Confidence' should be a
number between 0 and 1, exclusive.