Function Confidence-Interval-T-Summaries

Part of:

package cl-mathstats
( confidence-interval-t-summaries < mean > < dof > < standard-error > < confidence > )

This function is just like confidence-interval-t,&#39; except that instead of<br> its arguments being the actual data, it takes the following summary statistics:<br> mean,' which is the estimator of some t-distributed parameter; dof,&#39; which is<br> the number of degrees of freedom in estimating the mean; and the<br> standard-error' of the estimator. In general, mean&#39; is a point estimator of<br> the mean of a t-distribution, which may be the slope parameter of a regression,<br> the difference between two means, or other practical t-distributions.<br> Confidence' should be a number between 0 and 1, exclusive.