Function Anova-Two-Way-Variables-Unequal-Cell-Sizes

Part of:

package cl-mathstats
( anova-two-way-variables-unequal-cell-sizes &rest < args > )

anova-two-way-variables-unequal-cell-sizes (iv1 iv2 dv)
Calculates the analysis of variance when there are two factors that may
affect the dependent variable, specifically iv1&#39; and iv2.'

Unlike the one-way ANOVA, there are mathematical difficulties with the two-way
ANOVA if there are unequal cell sizes. This function differs fron the standard
two-anova by (1) the use of cell means as single scores, (2) the division of
squared quantities by the number of cell means contributing to the quantity
that is squared and (3) the multiplication of a “sum of squares” by the harmonic
mean of the sample sizes.

The result of the analysis is an anova-table, as described in the manual.
See the manual for further discussion of analysis of
variance. The row effect is iv1&#39; and the<br> column effect is iv2.'