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6.2.47 image

— Class: image

Superclass: misc atk-implementor-iface buildable

The image widget displays an image. Various kinds of object can be displayed as an image; most typically, you would load a pixbuf ("pixel buffer") from a file, and then display that. There's an image-file slot (with :file initarg) that is used to load pixbuf from file:

     (make-instance 'image :file "myfile.png")

If the file isn't loaded successfully, the image will contain a "broken image" icon similar to that used in many web browsers. If you want to handle errors in loading the file yourself, for example by displaying an error message, then load the image and set the image-pixbuf.

The image file may contain an animation, if so the image will display an animation (pixbuf-animation) instead of a static image.

image is a subclass of misc, which implies that you can align it (center, left, right) and add padding to it, using misc slot.

image is a "no window" widget (has no gdk-window of its own), so by default does not receive events. If you want to receive events on the image, such as button clicks, place the image inside a event-box, then connect to the event signals on the event box.

When handling events on the event box, keep in mind that coordinates in the image may be different from event box coordinates due to the alignment and padding settings on the image (see misc). The simplest way to solve this is to set the alignment to 0.0 (left/top), and set the padding to zero. Then the origin of the image will be the same as the origin of the event box.