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6.4.11 cell-renderer-pixbuf

— Class: cell-renderer-pixbuf

Superclass: cell-renderer

A cell-renderer-pixbuf can be used to render an image in a cell. It allows to render either a given pixbuf (set via the cell-renderer-pixbuf-pixbuf property) or a stock icon (set via the cell-renderer-pixbuf-stock-id property).

To support the tree view, cell-renderer-pixbuf also supports rendering two alternative pixbufs, when the cell-renderer-is-expander property is TRUE. If the cell-renderer-is-expanded property is TRUE and the cell-renderer-pixbuf-pixbuf-expander-open property is set to a pixbuf, it renders that pixbuf, if the cell-renderer-is-expanded property is FALSE and the cell-renderer-pixbuf-pixbuf-expander-closed property is set to a pixbuf, it renders that one.