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12.7 GBoxed foreign type

— Foreign Type: g-boxed-foreign
     (g-boxed-foreign name &rest option*)
     option ::= :return
Name of GBoxed type
Option of foreign type
An option that identifies the foreign type which is used at return position (as foreign function return type or as a callback return type)

g-boxed-foreign type deals with marshaling data between Lisp code and foreign code. The marshaling follows the following principles:

The :return option is required to be able to properly manage memory of opaque pointer wrappers and propagate changes to foreign and lisp structures.

In order to be able to correctly use g-boxed-foreign foreign type in callbacks, you should use glib-defcallback. This macro is a thin wrapper around cffi:defcallback that adds proper handling of g-boxed-foreign foreign types.

Examples of usage:

     (define-vtable ("GtkTreeModel" c-gtk-tree-model)
       (tree-model-get-path-impl tree-model-get-path-cb
         (g-boxed-foreign tree-path :return) (tree-model g-object) (iter (g-boxed-foreign tree-iter)))
       (tree-model-get-value-impl tree-model-get-value-cb
         :void (tree-model g-object) (iter (g-boxed-foreign tree-iter)) (n :int) (value (:pointer g-value)))
       (tree-model-iter-next-impl tree-model-iter-next-cb
         :boolean (tree-model g-object) (iter (g-boxed-foreign tree-iter)))
     (defcfun gtk-text-iter-forward-search :boolean
       (iter (g-boxed-foreign text-iter))
       (str (:string :free-to-foreign t))
       (flags text-search-flags)
       (match-start (g-boxed-foreign text-iter))
       (match-end (g-boxed-foreign text-iter))
       (limit (g-boxed-foreign text-iter)))