• Sign the images pushed to the clfoundation org on Docker Hub. Blocked by:
    1. Need to have a second person willing to have signing abilities to increase the bus factor.
    2. bashrew is unable to sign image manifests. We'd either need to replace bashbrew or get a feature upstreamed to sign them.
    3. Some base images (such as openjdk, used by the ABCL images) are not signed. Need to determine if we should sign them even though we don't have a complete chain of trust.
  • Add automatic Quicklisp install capability to the entrypoint script. This will likely install Quicklisp using the bundled install script (if it is not already installed) if an environment variable is set. There will likely be additional environment variables to configure the owner of the Quicklisp install, where it is located, which dist version to install, etc.