Discrete Event Simulation


This project aims to implement the well known Discrete Event Simulation model.

It is not a statistical library, it does not provide additional random number generators, nor complex simulation models.

The concept of events are mapped to parameterless lambdas and continuations, the so called Future Event Queue (FES) has an ordered list of them. You can schedule events for a specific time, or with some delay from the current time. Simulation time is either measured by numbers or by local-time instances. The simulation can be synchronized to wall time by specifiying a ratio.


The current version is tested under SBCL 1.0+ and Ubuntu Linux on the other hand I would like to think that this is a portable program.


As usual, there's not any at the moment and I guess it's not going to change soon. You might try loading the test system with (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op :cl-dises-test) and run (test/cc 5) or (test/mobility) or some other tests you may find in there.

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Levente Mészáros


You can browse the cl-dises darcs repository or get the tree with

darcs get


BSD / Public Domain