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5 Pulling new patches

Updating your working copy with new patches from the original repository is called “pulling” these patches.

— Function: DARCS:PULL our-repo &optional their-repo

Pull new patches from their-repo into our-repo. our-repo must be a local darcs tree. their-repo can be a local directory or an HTTP URL.

If their-repo is not specified, use the default repository specified in preferences, as set when getting the initial copy.

Currently DARCS:PULL doesn't handle unrecorded local changes well. It is recommended that you record your changes or revert them before pulling. If you don't, and your changes conflict with the newly pulled patches, you will be presented with the option of applying patches only to the pristine tree (see Working directory layout), from where you can recover the changed file and merge it with your changes.

Also, all new patches will be pulled without asking. This is suboptimal; selecting some of the patches should be supported.