Variable *Bind-Treat-Values-As-Values*

If true, then bind will treat cl:values in the first position of
a binding form as if it was :values and convert the binding form into
a multipl-value-bind. If false, then bind will treat the binding form
as a destructuring-bind and use values as a variable. E.g., if
*bind-treat-values-as-values* is true, then the following will
not compile (because values is not lexically bound).

(bind (((values a b) (foo)))
(list values a b))

If *bind-treat-values-as-values* was nil, then the binding form
would be converted into a destructuring-bind and all would be well.

Bind's original behavior was as if this variable was set to true. At
some point in the future, this variabe will vanish and bind will
always treat cl:values as destructuring.

Part of:

package metabang.bind

Value: t