Has anybody seen my jujubees?

What it is

Defsystem-compatibility is a compatibility layer that helps make different system definitions play nicely using the same rules. It also builds a few helpful higher level tools on top of the foundation.

What it does

There are a lot of Common Lisp defsystems in the world. The venerable mk-defsystem and another system-definition facility are the most popular but there is also Allegro's built in one, GBBOpen's mini-module system, the EKSL Generic Load Utilities, Yet Another Define System and so on.

Defsystem-compatibility papers over the differences between systems and also provides a small set of relective capabilities to help system groveling tools become more portable.

It currently works only with ASDF. I'll be adding support for MK-Defsystem in sidereal time unless there is a request from the ether in which case it might happen more quickly.

Mailing Lists

defsystem-compatibility isn't a separate project at this point but if you have questions, comments or concerns, just drop Gary King a line.

Where is it

A Darcs repository is available. The darcs command is listed below:

 darcs get

defsystem-compatibility is also ASDF installable. Its CLiki home is right where you'd expect.

There's also a handy gzipped tar file. Tinaa documentation is also available.

What is happening

4 March 2007Minor updates to show that we're not dead yet.
31 Dec 2005Packaged up for the first time. Happy New Year.