Condition Db-Error

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package, condition version-mismatch, condition verify-bad, condition secondary-bad, condition run-recovery, condition rep-unavailable, condition rep-not-perm, condition rep-new-site, condition rep-lockout, condition rep-join-failure, condition rep-isperm, condition rep-ignore, condition rep-hold-election, condition rep-handle-dead, condition rep-dup-master, condition page-not-found, condition old-version, condition not-found, condition no-server-id, condition no-server-home, condition no-server, condition log-buffer-full, condition lock-not-granted, condition lock-deadlock, condition key-exist, condition key-empty, condition do-not-index, condition buffer-small, condition db-condition

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Direct Subclass

buffer-smallUser memory too small for return.
do-not-index“Null” return from 2ndary callbk.
key-emptyKey/data deleted or never created.
key-existThe key/data pair already exists.
lock-not-grantedLock unavailable.
log-buffer-fullIn-memory log buffer full.
no-serverServer panic return.
no-server-homeBad home sent to server.
no-server-idBad ID sent to server.
not-foundKey/data pair not found (EOF).
old-versionOut-of-date version.
page-not-foundRequested page not found.
rep-dup-masterThere are two masters.
rep-handle-deadRolled back a commit.
rep-hold-electionTime to hold an election.
rep-ignoreThis msg should be ignored.
rep-ispermCached not written perm written.
rep-join-failureUnable to join replication group.
rep-lockoutAPI/Replication lockout now.
rep-new-siteNew site entered system.
rep-not-permPermanent log record not written.
rep-unavailableSite cannot currently be reached.
run-recoveryPanic return.
secondary-badSecondary index corrupt.
verify-badVerify failed; bad format.
version-mismatchEnvironment version mismatch.


codeInitargs::code; Reader:db-error-code.

Direct Method