CDR 14: Detecting Implementation of CDR's in Common Lisp Runtimes

Author / Submitter

Marco Antoniotti

Abstract / Rationale

The Common Lisp Document Repository (CDR) was created as a very light-weight infrastructure for the Common Lisp community, where a number of "documents" and "specifications" are collected and fixed for the benefit of programmers and implementors. Each document is given a unique CDR identifier (essentially a number), which is retained over the years; each of these documents can then be referred simply as CDR number N (or, more simply, a CDR, when not referring to a particular document in the repository).

At the time of this writing, there is yet no agreed upon way to check whether a Common Lisp implementation provides a particular CDR or not (i.e., whether a particular CDR is present "out of the box", or whether a library implementing a specific CDR is loaded in the Common Lisp environment). The goal of this document is to provide a specification for this behavior.

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