The Boston Lisp Meeting Returns
on Thursday January 9th 2020 at 7pm
at Google Cambridge

Masataro Asai
From IBM
will give a talk on

Beyond Common Lisp: What cannot be achieved by lisp macros?

I will talk about the current limititation of the language (humbly and without sounding ignorant) about macro systems (no, not about hygenic macros), package systems and type systems. I propose some language prototypes (not a demonstration, but implementable.)

Jonathan Godbout
Software Engineer from Google
will give a short talk on

Performance testing Structs vs Classs

This talk will go over some results of a naiive set of performance tests of CLOS objects vs structs in SBCL and CCL. There will be a breif discussion of performance test failings and some charts. A writeup of these tests can be found here and the corresponding code can be found here.


The meeting will be held at Google Cambridge at 7 PM.

Google representatives will be at the entrance lobby to meet guests Google Cambridge, 355 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02142. Please add your name via the form here.

A PDF with directions can be found here. If you are taking public transport you should get off at the Kendall Square T-Stop. The entrance area is currently under renovation so you will see construction walkways, the closest landmark is Clover. Next to Clover you will go under a walkway briefly, and then turn left. Looking left you will see a corporate lobby, you will know you're there by the orange owl with a mortar board.


Boston Lisp meetings have been rare of late. We would like to go back to monthly meetings, if you are interested in giving talks please message the boston-lisp mailing group. We discuss a range of topics that may interest the greater Lisp community (including Common Lisp, Scheme, Clojure, Emacs, Racket, or any other programmable programming system).

Typically evenings begin with two 5-minute "lightning talks", continues with a main speaker for an hour or so, and finishes with food (see below).

We encourage both veterans and newbies to come and meet, maybe becoming collaborators, mentors, or disciples on some Lisp project. Hobbyists, academics, and professionals are invited to socialize and chill out with a generally friendly group. There is no cost to attend.

For the latest information, always check the Boston Lisp website (short url: j.mp/BostonLisp; also works downcased)


Google will be supplying food for the meeting. We will order Chinese food from Mulan in Cambridge. We expect to have around 20 people.


See past meetings.


The boston-lisp mailing lisp receives meeting announcements and a few other topics relevant to the Boston Lisp community.