(defun parse-float (float-string
                    &key (start 0) (end nil) (radix 10)
                         (junk-allowed t)
                         (type 'single-float)
                         (decimal-character #\.))
  (let ((radix-array (radix-values radix))
        (integer-part 0)
        (mantissa 0)
        (mantissa-size 1)
        (sign 1))
    (with-input-from-string (float-stream (string-upcase (trim-string float-string)) :start start :end end)
      (labels ((peek () (peek-char nil float-stream nil nil nil))
               (next () (read-char float-stream nil nil nil))
               (sign () ;; reads the (optional) sign of the number
                   ((char= (peek) #\+) (next) (setf sign 1))
                   ((char= (peek) #\-) (next) (setf sign -1)))
               (integer-part ()
                   ((position (peek) radix-array)
                    ;; the next char is a valid char
                    (setf integer-part (+ (* integer-part radix)
                                          (position (next) radix-array)))
                    ;; again
                    (return-from integer-part (integer-part)))
                   ((null (peek))
                    ;; end of string
                   ((char= decimal-character (peek))
                    ;; the decimal seperator
                    (return-from integer-part (mantissa)))                   
                   ;; junk
                   (junk-allowed (done))
                   (t (bad-string))))
               (mantissa ()                 
                   ((position (peek) radix-array)
                    (setf mantissa (+ (* mantissa radix)
                                      (position (next) radix-array))
                          mantissa-size (* mantissa-size radix))
                    (return-from mantissa
                   ((or (null (peek)) junk-allowed)
                    ;; end of string
                   (t (bad-string))))
               (bad-string ()
                 (error "Unable to parse ~S." float-string))
               (done ()
                 (return-from parse-float
                   (coerce (* sign (+ integer-part (/ mantissa mantissa-size))) type))))
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