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13 TODO list

Here is an old list of things to do, in addition to the bugs that are now tracked on launchpad:

13.1 Outstanding spec questions, things to add

** packaging systems

*** manual page component?

** style guide for .asd files

You should either use keywords or be careful with the package that you evaluate defsystem forms in. Otherwise (defsystem partition ...) being read in the cl-user package will intern a cl-user:partition symbol, which will then collide with the partition:partition symbol.

Actually there’s a hairier packages problem to think about too. in-order-to is not a keyword: if you read defsystem forms in a package that doesn’t use ASDF, odd things might happen.

** extending defsystem with new options

You might not want to write a whole parser, but just to add options to the existing syntax. Reinstate parse-option or something akin.

** Diagnostics

A “dry run” of an operation can be made with the following form:

(let ((asdf::*verbose-out* *standard-output*))
  (loop :for (op . comp) :in
    (asdf::traverse (make-instance '<operation-name> :force t)
                    (asdf:find-system <system-name>))
    :do (asdf:explain op comp)))

This uses unexported symbols. What would be a nice interface for this functionality?

13.2 Missing bits in implementation

** reuse the same scratch package whenever a system is reloaded from disk

Have a package ASDF-USER instead of all these temporary packages?

** proclamations probably aren’t

** A revert function

Other possible interface: have a “revert” function akin to make clean.

(asdf:revert 'asdf:compile-op 'araneida)

would delete any files produced by (compile-system :araneida). Of course, it wouldn’t be able to do much about stuff in the image itself.

How would this work?


There’s a difference between a module’s dependencies (peers) and its components (children). Perhaps there’s a similar difference in operations? For example, (load "use") depends-on (load "macros") is a peer, whereas (load "use") depends-on (compile "use") is more of a “subservient” relationship.

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