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9.6 Semantics of Output Translations

From the specified configuration, a list of mappings is extracted in a straightforward way: mappings are collected in order, recursing through included or inherited configuration as specified. To this list is prepended some implementation-specific mappings, and is appended a global default.

The list is then compiled to a mapping table as follows: for each entry, in order, resolve the first designated directory into an actual directory pathname for source locations. If no mapping was specified yet for that location, resolve the second designated directory to an output location directory add a mapping to the table mapping the source location to the output location, and add another mapping from the output location to itself (unless a mapping already exists for the output location).

Based on the table, a mapping function is defined, mapping source pathnames to output pathnames: given a source pathname, locate the longest matching prefix in the source column of the mapping table. Replace that prefix by the corresponding output column in the same row of the table, and return the result. If no match is found, return the source pathname. (A global default mapping the filesystem root to itself may ensure that there will always be a match, with same fall-through semantics).