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4.4 Resetting the ASDF configuration

When you dump and restore an image, or when you tweak your configuration, you may want to reset the ASDF configuration. For that you may use the following function:

Function: clear-configuration

Undoes any ASDF configuration regarding source-registry or output-translations.

This function is pushed onto the uiop:*image-dump-hook* by default, which means that if you save an image using uiop:dump-image, or via asdf:image-op and asdf:program-op, it will be automatically called to clear your configuration. If for some reason you prefer to call your implementation’s underlying functionality, be sure to call clear-configuration manually, or push it into your implementation’s equivalent of uiop:*image-dump-hook*, e.g. sb-ext:*save-hooks* on SBCL, or ext:*before-save-initializations* on CMUCL and SCL, etc.