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3.4 Replacing your implementation’s ASDF

All maintained implementations now provide ASDF 3 in their latest release. If yours doesn’t, we recommend you upgrade it.

Now, if you insist on using an old implementation that didn’t provide ASDF or provided an old version, we recommend installing a recent ASDF, as explained below, into your implementation’s installation directory. Thus your modified implementation will now provide ASDF 3. This requires proper write permissions and may necessitate execution as a system administrator.

The ASDF source repository contains a tool to help you upgrade your implementation’s ASDF. You can invoke it from the shell command-line as tools/asdf-tools install-asdf lispworks (where you can replace lispworks by the name of the relevant implementation), or you can (load "tools/install-asdf.lisp") from your Lisp REPL.

This script works on Allegro CL, Clozure CL, CMU CL, ECL, GCL, GNU CLISP, LispWorks, MKCL, SBCL, SCL, XCL. It doesn’t work on ABCL, Corman CL, Genera, MCL, MOCL. Happily, ABCL is usually pretty up to date and shouldn’t need that script. GCL requires a very recent version, and hasn’t been tested much. Corman CL, Genera, MCL are obsolete anyway. MOCL is incomplete.