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7.2.2 Pre-defined subclasses of component

Component: source-file

A source file is any file that the system does not know how to generate from other components of the system.

Note that this is not necessarily the same thing as “a file containing data that is typically fed to a compiler”. If a file is generated by some pre-processor stage (e.g. a .h file from by autoconf) then it is not, by this definition, a source file. Conversely, we might have a graphic file that cannot be automatically regenerated, or a proprietary shared library that we received as a binary: these do count as source files for our purposes.

Subclasses of source-file exist for various languages. FIXME: describe these.

Component: module

A module is a collection of sub-components.

A module component has the following extra initargs:

The default operation knows how to traverse a module, so most operations will not need to provide methods specialised on modules.

module may be subclassed to represent components such as foreign-language linked libraries or archive files.

Component: system

system is a subclass of module.

A system is a module with a few extra attributes for documentation purposes; these are given elsewhere. See The defsystem grammar.

Users can create new classes for their systems: the default defsystem macro takes a :class keyword argument.

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