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13.7.1 How do I run the tests interactively in a REPL?

This not-so-frequently asked question is primarily for ASDF developers, but those who encounter an unexpected error in some test may be interested, too.

Here’s the procedure for experimenting with tests in a REPL:

;; BEWARE! Some tests expect you to be in the .../asdf/test directory
;; If your REPL is not there yet, change your current directory:
;; under SLIME, you may: ,change-directory ~/common-lisp/asdf/test/
;; otherwise you may evaluate something like:
(require "asdf") (asdf:upgrade-asdf) ;load UIOP & update asdf.lisp
(uiop:chdir (asdf:system-relative-pathname :asdf "test/"))
(setf *default-pathname-defaults* (uiop:getcwd))

;; Load the test script support.
(load "script-support.lisp")

;; Initialize the script support for interaction.
;; This will also change your *package* to asdf-test
;; after frobbing the asdf-test package to make it usable.
;; NB: this function is also available from package cl-user,
;; and also available with the shorter name da in both packages.

;; Now, you may experiment with test code from a .script file.
;; See the instructions given at the end of your failing test
;; to identify which form is needed, e.g.
(run-test-script "test-utilities.script")