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Function and Class Index

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Index Entry  Section

already-loaded-systems: Convenience Functions
apply-output-translations: Output location API
asdf-version: How do I detect the ASDF version?

binary-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations

clear-configuration: Resetting the ASDF configuration
clear-output-translations: Configuring where ASDF stores object files
clear-output-translations: Output location API
clear-source-registry: Configuration API
clear-system: Miscellaneous Functions
coerce-name: Creating new operations
coerce-name: Components
coerce-name: Common attributes of components
compile-bundle-op: What happened to the bundle operations
compile-bundle-op,: Predefined operations of ASDF
compile-file*: Controlling file compilation
compile-op: Predefined operations of ASDF
compile-system: Convenience Functions
component: The object model of ASDF
component-depends-on: Creating new operations
component-pathname: Common attributes of components
concatenate-source-op,: Predefined operations of ASDF

define-package: The package-inferred-system extension
defsystem: The defsystem form
defsystem: A more involved example
defsystem: The defsystem grammar
deliver-asd-op: What happened to the bundle operations
disable-output-translations: Output location API

enable-asdf-binary-locations-compatibility: Output Backward Compatibility
ensure-output-translations: Output location API
ensure-source-registry: Configuration API

fasl-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations
file-type: Pitfalls of the transition to ASDF 2
find-component: Creating new operations
find-component: Components
find-system: Components

initialize-output-translations: Output location API
initialize-source-registry: Configuration API
input-files: Creating new operations
input-files: Creating new operations

load-asd: The defsystem form
load-bundle-op: What happened to the bundle operations
load-fasl-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations
load-op: Predefined operations of ASDF
load-source-op,: Predefined operations of ASDF
load-system: Convenience Functions
locate-system: Components

make: Convenience Functions
make-operation: Operations
merge-pathnames*: Some Utility Functions
module: Pre-defined subclasses of component
monolithic-binary-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations
monolithic-compile-bundle-op: What happened to the bundle operations
monolithic-deliver-asd-op: What happened to the bundle operations
monolithic-fasl-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations
monolithic-load-bundle-op: What happened to the bundle operations
monolithic-load-fasl-op (obsolete): What happened to the bundle operations

oos: Convenience Functions
oos: Operations
operate: Convenience Functions
operate: Operations
operation: The object model of ASDF
operation-done-p: Creating new operations
OPERATION-ERROR: Error handling
output-files: Creating new operations

package-inferred-system: The package-inferred-system extension
parse-unix-namestring: Some Utility Functions
perform: Creating new operations
prepare-op: Predefined operations of ASDF
primary-system-name: Components
primary-system-name: Components

register-immutable-system: Operations
register-immutable-system: Miscellaneous Functions
register-preloaded-system: Miscellaneous Functions
require-system: Convenience Functions
run-program: Some Utility Functions
run-shell-command: Miscellaneous Functions

slurp-input-stream: Some Utility Functions
source-file: Pre-defined subclasses of component
source-file-type: Pitfalls of the transition to ASDF 2
subpathname: Some Utility Functions
subpathname*: Some Utility Functions
system: Pre-defined subclasses of component
system-defsystem-depends-on: Information about system dependencies
system-depends-on: Information about system dependencies
system-relative-pathname: Miscellaneous Functions
system-relative-pathname: LOAD-PATHNAME has a weird value
system-source-directory: Miscellaneous Functions
system-weakly-depends-on: Information about system dependencies

test-op: Predefined operations of ASDF
test-system: Convenience Functions
traverse: Operations

uiop:define-package: The package-inferred-system extension

version-satisfies: Common attributes of components
version-satisfies: Functions

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