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4.3 Configuring where ASDF stores object files

ASDF lets you configure where object files will be stored. Sensible defaults are provided and you shouldn’t normally have to worry about it.

This allows the same source code repository to be shared between several versions of several Common Lisp implementations, between several users using different compilation options, with users who lack write privileges on shared source directories, etc. This also keeps source directories from being cluttered with object/fasl files.

Starting with ASDF 2, the asdf-output-translations facility was added to ASDF itself. This facility controls where object files will be stored. This facility is fully described in a chapter of this manual, Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files.

Note that before ASDF 2, other ASDF add-ons offered the same functionality, each in subtly different and incompatible ways: ASDF-Binary-Locations, cl-launch, common-lisp-controller. ASDF-Binary-Locations is now not needed anymore and should not be used. cl-launch 3.000 and common-lisp-controller 7.2 have been updated to delegate object file placement to ASDF.