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13.3.8 ASDF itself is versioned

Between new features, old bugs fixed, and new bugs introduced, there were various releases of ASDF in the wild, and no simple way to check which release had which feature set. People using or writing systems had to either make worst-case assumptions as to what features were available and worked, or take great pains to have the correct version of ASDF installed.

With ASDF 2 and later, we provide a new stable set of working features that everyone can rely on from now on. Use #+asdf2, #+asdf3, #+asdf3.1 or #+asdf3.3 to detect presence of relevant versions of ASDF and their features, or (asdf:version-satisfies (asdf:asdf-version) "2.345.67") to check the availability of a version no earlier than required.