2006-01-08 Tutorial and software now maintained by Gary King, removed links  
2005-12-21 Changed GNU tar default for FreeBSD and NetBSD (Richard Kreuter)  
2005-12-16 Fixed bug in load dependencies (Gary King)  
2005-12-16 Fixed file descriptor leak (John Wiseman)  
2005-12-14 Fixed request URI (Zach Beane)  
2005-12-05 Check GPG return values (thanks to Gary King)  
2005-10-18 Changes for compatibility with SBCL's Unicode support (thanks to Christophe Rhodes)  
2005-09-27 Small change for compatibility with future OpenMCL versions (thanks to Bryan O'Connor)  
2005-07-14 Updated note about CLISP (thanks to Henri Lenzi)  
2005-06-01 Added proxy authentication code (thanks to Sean Ross)  
2005-02-16 More OpenMCL details (thanks to Jim Thompson)  
2004-12-29 Added COPYRIGHT file to distribution  
2004-09-13 Added information about AllegroCL 7.0 and OpenMCL 0.14.1  
2004-09-08 Fixed typo in `GET-ENV-VAR` and added special variable `*GNU-TAR-PROGRAM*` (both thanks to Raymond Toy)  
2004-05-20 Changed hyphens to underlines in names of environment variables (thanks to Robert P. Goldman)  
2004-05-19 Mentioned Alex Mizrahi's notes, added version number for MK:DEFSYSTEM in docs and SPLIT-SEQUENCE dependency in ASDF system definition (thanks to Robert P. Goldman and Robert Lehr)  
2004-04-28 Fixed `asdf-install.asd` so that it still works and you're not forced to use `load-asdf-install.lisp`  
2004-04-25 MK:DEFSYSTEM clarification  
2004-04-24 Patches by Marco Antoniotti for MK:DEFSYSTEM compatibility  
2004-03-27 Bugfixes by Kiyoshi Mizumaru  
2004-01-28 Improved MCL support (James Anderson)  
2004-01-21 Support for MCL by James Anderson  
2004-01-16 Minor edits, Cygwin CLISP support, download location for `asdf.fas`  
2004-01-15 Preliminary Windows support, described how to uninstall a library, added `*PREFERRED-LOCATION*`, removed `ln` bug in CLISP code  
2004-01-13 Mentioned OpenMCL support (Marco Baringer), added some SBCL exceptions, added clarification about Windows, minor edits, changes by Dan Barlow  
2004-01-12 Initial version