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3.2 Parameters

Parameters are named values that are defined and used in computations or in presentation. The defparameter macro defines parameters (dynamic variables) but Antik has definitions that permit grouping them and including properties such as the type, which will be checked when values are assigned, and defining synonyms. The grouping is in named categories; Antik itself defines one category, NF, which is used for numerical formatting. Each category used will become a package, and the symbols exported from that package. The value can be changed with (setf parameter-value) and used with parameter-value, or changed locally (analogous to let for CL variables) with with-parameters. It is also permissible to assign as a normal variable (e.g., with let and setf), but no type checking is performed.

     ;;; Then define some parameters
     (define-parameter kepler foo
       :value 122
       :type fixnum
       :documentation "A fixnum parameter of kepler.")
     (define-parameter kepler bar
       :value "hi"
       :type string
       :documentation "A string parameter of kepler.")
     ;;; Get their values
     (parameter-value kepler bar)
     (parameter-value kepler foo)
     ;;; Dynamic binding
     (defun show-foo-bar ()
       (format t "~&foo: ~a, bar: ~s"
     	  (parameter-value kepler foo)
     	  (parameter-value kepler bar)))
     foo: 122, bar: "hi"
     ;;; Locally change values
     (with-parameters (kepler (foo 143) (bar "bye"))
     foo: 143, bar: "bye"
     foo: 122, bar: "hi"
     ;;; Make a mistake
     (with-parameters (kepler (foo 143) (bar -44))
     Error: Value -44 is of type FIXNUM, not of the required type STRING.
     ;;; Globally change values
     (setf (parameter-value kepler bar) "a new value")
     foo: 122, bar: "a new value"
     ;;; Set multiple values
     (set-parameters kepler bar "xyz" foo 1)
     foo: 1, bar: "xyz"
     ;;; Get information about the categories and parameters
     Parameter categories: KEPLER and NF.
     (parameter-help :kepler)
     Parameters in KEPLER: BAR and FOO.
     (parameter-help :kepler :bar)
     BAR: A string parameter of kepler.
     Type is STRING,
     Current value is "xyz".
— Macro: antik:define-parameter category name &key value type attribute documentation synonyms

Define the parameter (global special variable) with the given name. It will be defined in the package named by category (which will be created if necessary), and exported from it.

— Function: antik:parameter-help &optional category name stream

Print all information known about the parameter. If category is nil (default), names of all categories are printed. If name is nil, all defined parameters in that category are printed.

— Macro: antik:parameter-value category name

Get or set the parameter value.

— Macro: antik:set-parameter category name value

Set the parameter value, checking that the name is legitimate and the value is of the correct type.

— Macro: antik:set-parameters category &rest names-values

Set the values of the parameters.

— Macro: antik:with-parameters (category &rest name-values) &body body

Provide local scope for parameter values, and possibly bind new values.