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4.6.2 Functions and Macros

— Function: grid:all-types alist &optional right-side

A list of all types defined by symbol or definition.

— Function: grid:cffi-cl cffi-type

The cl type from the cffi element type.

— Function: grid:check-dimensions dimensions &optional errorp

Check that dimension specification for a grid is a list of positive integers.

— Function: grid:cl-cffi cl-type

The cffi element type from the cl type.

— Function: grid:data-class-name category-or-rank element-type &optional making-class

The class name from the type of element.

— Macro: grid:dcref double &optional index

Reference c double(s).

— Function: grid:element-size object

The size of each element as stored in c.

— Function: grid:element-types element-types

All the element types available of a given category.

— Generic Function: grid:element-type grid

The element type of the grid.

— Method: grid:element-type (foreign-array foreign-array)

automatically generated reader method

— Function: grid:lookup-type symbol alist &optional reverse error

Lookup the symbol defined in the alist. If error is non-nil it should be a string describing the class of types, and this function will signal an error if the type wasn't found.

— Macro: grid:metadata-slot object name

Access a slot in the foreign-metadata.

— Function: grid:number-class type

Find the class corresponding to the numeric type.

— Function: grid:spec-scalar-p specification

Specification is for a scalar; if so, return that type.

— Function: grid:st-pointerp decl

If this st represents a pointer, return the type of the object.