Alexandria is a project and a library.

As a project Alexandria's goal is to reduce duplication of effort and improve portability of Common Lisp code according to its own idiosyncratic and rather conservative aesthetic. What this actually means is open to debate, but each project member has a veto on all project activities, so a degree of conservativism is inevitable.

As a library Alexandria is one of the means by which the project strives for its goals. Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities that meet the following constraints:

Initial release of the Alexandria library is yet to happen, but draft documantion exists and current sources are available:

darcs get

Discussions on Alexandria take place on alexandria-devel mailing list -- and also #lisp on

Current members of Alexandria are: Marco Baringer, Attila Lendvai, Nikodemus Siivola, and Robert Strandh.

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