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asdf-system asdf-install-tester, asdf-system trivial-http
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trivial-http is a trivial networking library for doing HTTP POST and GET over a socket interface. It establishes a package TRIVIAL-HTTP, also called THTTP, from which the following functions are exported: http-get, http-post, escape-url-query and http-head.
Package Trivial-Http uses the packages Common-Lisp and Trivial-Sockets. It is also known as Thttp. It has 23 total symbols and 4 external ones.




escape-url-queryEscapes a query string in accordance with the HTTP specification.
http-getreturns a list of three elements: a response code as integer, an association list of headers retu...
http-headReturns a list of two elements: a response code as an integer and an association list of headers ...
http-postgiven a URL, a MIME content type, and the content as a character stream, POST to the URL and retu...