ADW-Charting: Plans

Table of Contents

Fall 2009

process incoming patches

have gotten a few via email

get it asdf-installable

Spring 2010

convert repo to git

cleanup dead code

review vecto backend, refactor with current knowledge

when I wrote a lot of this I was obsessed with mapcar and unfamilair with loop/iterate, and much code can be eliminated or made much clearer with loop/iterate

signal an error when specifying a google chart that is too big for the google service

maybe provide a restart to use the biggest valid height/width that keeps the aspect ratio?

pull in alexandria for common utils

might not be needed

Summer 2010

look at a smarter way to pick points/labels/bounds

  • change the order in which elements are drawn and keep counters to manage visual dependencies


move into a different place on clnet containing other ADW libraries

We have a growing number of libraries at work that could be opened up, and it might be best to have an "ADW" umbrella project similar to arnesi to contain our many sub-projects.

Author: Ryan Davis <>

Date: 2009-08-25 13:03:01

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