last changeTue, 14 Nov 2006 03:08:34
9 years ago Added preliminary Swank support.
9 years ago Small fixes to Alexssandro's patch
9 years ago normal mode commands, cc, c<motion>, s, S, -, +, J, X
9 years ago clear-current-search, :noh ex command
9 years ago Improvements to ASDF file from Alessandro.
9 years ago Added very basic keyword highlighting.
9 years ago Added ncurses lisp file
9 years ago Fixed silly gramma mistake
9 years ago Small testing change
9 years ago License updates, per buffer hooks
9 years ago Update, multiple windows, search, etc.
9 years ago Finished up autocomplete
9 years ago Ever closer to self hosting....
10 years ago Major update. Added lisp mode stuff, highlighting, brac ...
10 years ago Many updates, mostly regions and command adds.