9 years ago Added preliminary Swank support.
9 years ago Small fixes to Alexssandro's patch
9 years ago normal mode commands, cc, c<motion>, s, S, -, +, J, X
9 years ago clear-current-search, :noh ex command
9 years ago Improvements to ASDF file from Alessandro.
9 years ago Added very basic keyword highlighting.
9 years ago Added ncurses lisp file
9 years ago Fixed silly gramma mistake
9 years ago Small testing change
9 years ago License updates, per buffer hooks
9 years ago Update, multiple windows, search, etc.
9 years ago Finished up autocomplete
9 years ago Ever closer to self hosting....
9 years ago Major update. Added lisp mode stuff, highlighting, brac ...
10 years ago Many updates, mostly regions and command adds.
10 years ago Removed obsolete file.
10 years ago Changed normal mode parser to use regular expressions.
10 years ago Lots of changes to rendering.
10 years ago Moved rendering complexity from the IO layer into the vi ...
10 years ago Added ASDF packaging.
10 years ago Initial check in of VIAL