8 years ago follow cl-def's with-macro changes
8 years ago fix error message html encoding
8 years ago fix number-range-validator
8 years ago Sasha Kovar add safari support to import-ajax-received-xhtml-node
8 years ago follow bind's values -> :values changes
8 years ago fix lang:timestamp
8 years ago temp fix for ip-address= until iolib's infrastructure is ...
9 years ago fix corner case in lang:timestamp
9 years ago lang:timestamp is not in relative-mode by default
9 years ago fix: added missing setup-readtable call to l10n.lisp
9 years ago fix up ucw.lang:timestamp
9 years ago fix cache purging of i18n-parenscript-dispatcher
9 years ago support :relative-mode in lang::timestamp<>
9 years ago follow iolib changes. patch by the man himself: Stelian ...
9 years ago cleanup temp file handling, make sure no file is overridden
9 years ago Make file upload root configurable
9 years ago Update iolib backend startup code
9 years ago weak try to fix the bitrotten examples
9 years ago Sasha Kovar Add maxlength attribute to in-field-string-field render ...
9 years ago Sasha Kovar Add hidden-field html form field type.
9 years ago fix: (lang::timestamp ... :relative-mode #f)
9 years ago Fix logging the backtrace of errors of ajax actions
9 years ago Change make-new-session so that it calls make-instance w ...
9 years ago change call-in-rendering-environment's arg order to foll ...
9 years ago add with-thread-name to handle-action
9 years ago send a start message to the new acceptor
9 years ago KLUDGE: do not read the request if the server is overloaded
9 years ago prefix the various urls of window with the application's ...
9 years ago added with-session-specific-temporary-file and open-sess ...
9 years ago added download-action-href-body
9 years ago added bind dependency
9 years ago more cl-def usage
9 years ago added assert to find-session
9 years ago more lock-held asserts
9 years ago added log-ignorable-error-backtrace
9 years ago housekeeping
9 years ago rename httpd threads
9 years ago refactor app/session locking and session expiration.
9 years ago invert the default value of call-as-response-handler
9 years ago UNDO: turn the assert-application-lock-held into a with- ...
9 years ago housekeeping
9 years ago fix importing toplevel script nodes from ajax answers
9 years ago turn the assert-application-lock-held into a with-lock-h ...
9 years ago rework remove-expired-sessions a bit
9 years ago added maybe-remove-expired-sessions
9 years ago added clear-session-frame-history
9 years ago also log the thread name in when the backtrace is logged
9 years ago more fine-grained locking on the app/sessions when remov ...
9 years ago more usage of with-thread-name
9 years ago renamed collapsible's "body" css class to "collapsible-body"