last changeMon, 27 Aug 2007 14:50:21
7 years ago load cl-l10n first, so the optional cl-l10n system integ ...
7 years ago make the l10n example app optional in the start script
7 years ago split-sequence is still a dependency, although a transit ...
8 years ago Workaround for openmcl's asdf hackery
8 years ago No split-sequence dependency anymore
8 years ago Follow the rfc2388-binary rename
8 years ago TAG 2007-06-09
8 years ago --partial to get the boxset repo
8 years ago fix usocket url
8 years ago added usocket
8 years ago Added svn_get
8 years ago Some missing dependencies
8 years ago Added flexi-streams, use bash
8 years ago Better note printed from start.lisp
8 years ago Bah, try again that local-time link...