last changeTue, 06 Dec 2016 18:10:32
10 months ago housekeeping (mostly just whitespace cleanup)
10 months ago follow asdf changes
23 months ago .asd record missing :arnesi dependency for the tests
6 years ago Fix `make-mime-{buffer,file}-writer' and `parse-mime'
6 years ago Restore definition of `mime-part-p'
6 years ago fix: make parse-header-value work on simple-base-strings ...
7 years ago added rfc2231.txt
6 years ago make it buildable using xcvb
6 years ago update .boring for xcvb stuff
7 years ago .asd: no need for a package...
7 years ago cut out api.lisp
7 years ago some renames for more clarity
7 years ago split out utils.lisp, enable some inlining
7 years ago help sbcl optimize -- get rid of some compiler notes
7 years ago turn print-mime-part into a defun -- one less warning