3 years ago Check for overlong sequences rejected too much
4 years ago check for overlong byte sequences
6 years ago remove outdated claim of speed relative to babel
6 years ago add (*) dimensions to simple-array type specs to please SBCL
6 years ago use coerce for string->simple-string and vector->(simple ...
6 years ago Maciek Pasternacki Add :START and :END parameters for UTF-8-BYTES-TO-STRING.
6 years ago link to babel
6 years ago mention license style in docs
6 years ago make index.html valid xhtml again -- since I left in the ...
6 years ago remove out-of-date claim, desperately optimize to try an ...
7 years ago touch up documentation
7 years ago add my name to docs
8 years ago read-utf-8-string: avoiding NIL fixnum, utf-8-bytes-to-s ...
8 years ago add darcsweb link to doc
8 years ago add repo url to documentation
8 years ago initial import