8 years ago api change reflected in tests and example.
8 years ago bugfix in many-to-many definition+unit-tests.
8 years ago named relations
8 years ago done todo comment removed.
8 years ago dead commented function removed.
8 years ago db-class can have multislot unique constraints.
8 years ago unrelate bug in def-many-to-many fixed.
8 years ago new test: delete-dao.
8 years ago relatedp, unrelate test cases.
8 years ago docstring
8 years ago define relatedp and unrelate.
8 years ago Ryszard Szopa README: new repository, typo.
8 years ago closer-mop dependency for non-SBCL compilers.
8 years ago remove outdated documentation.
8 years ago bugfix: add-constraint/relate.
8 years ago :format-control argument to unresolved-foreign-key error ...
8 years ago export run!
8 years ago error in test save-dao-transaction corrected.
8 years ago apply-unique-constraints
8 years ago now by default connections are made with a transaction.
8 years ago save-dao-transaction test.
8 years ago dao.lisp: update-dao bugfix.
8 years ago test for bug in update-dao: save-existing-dao.
8 years ago dao.lisp: removed unused function, save-all-foreign-daos.
8 years ago save-dao bugfix
8 years ago new tests for save-dao
8 years ago unit-tests: defsuite goes to submarine-tests-package.lisp
9 years ago cleaning in unit-tests.
9 years ago remove-finished-classes, called before and after applyin ...
9 years ago now you cannot initialize an object of an unfinished class.
9 years ago new tests.
9 years ago export unresolved-foreign-key dao-error.
9 years ago new tests, dependencies between tests.
9 years ago suppress warnings while testing
9 years ago separate package file for the tests
9 years ago conditions go to a separate file
9 years ago unused function from tests removed.
9 years ago new, sensible tests
9 years ago tests updated.
9 years ago example updated
9 years ago def-many-to-many takes in account changes in constraint ...
9 years ago trying to apply delayed constraints now happens after cr ...
9 years ago now all connections made using with-class-collection are ...
9 years ago constraints are separate
9 years ago add-constraint and apply-foreign-key-constraints
9 years ago redefinition of db-class and db-class-slot-definition
9 years ago foreign attribute in sb-class-slot-definition, appropria ...
9 years ago with-class-connection always uses a pooled connection.
9 years ago make-and-save
9 years ago documentation