7 years ago Luis Oliveira Fix indentation in stefil.lisp:30
7 years ago Luis Oliveira Remove &allow-other-keys from TESTABLE's SHARED-INITIALIZE
7 years ago Luis Oliveira Fix indentation in stefil.lisp:272
7 years ago Luis Oliveira Change the default value of *test-progress-print-right-m ...
7 years ago reading ignored warning
7 years ago return the condition from signals or (values) if the tes ...
7 years ago follow :slime-dwim-branch change
7 years ago a bit smarter lambda parsing, added lambda-list-to-lambd ...
8 years ago Fix signals error did not print progress mark.
7 years ago smarter error for singals
7 years ago oops, fix tests
7 years ago todo
7 years ago some lambda list tests
7 years ago extend lambda-list parsing a bit
7 years ago update tests
7 years ago smarted lambda-list parsing
7 years ago wording
7 years ago lambda parsing stuff does not depend on anything now so ...
7 years ago extend with-expected-failures to errors, too
7 years ago follow bind :values changes
7 years ago drop remf-keywords, use one from alexandria
7 years ago added with-expected-failures
8 years ago drop in-global-context and in-context usage
8 years ago moved define-dynamic-context into duplicates.lisp
8 years ago use a defvar to *tests* so reloading stefil does not cle ...
8 years ago add a newline after the funcall-test-with-feedback-messa ...
8 years ago fix loading with official slime
8 years ago added integration dir
8 years ago housekeeping
8 years ago Skip keyword arguments in IS forms.
8 years ago Added without-test-progress-printing
8 years ago Delete unwind-protect sillyness in run-test-body-in-handlers
8 years ago Added todo note
8 years ago FIX: the abort the test session restart properly records ...
8 years ago Suites can have arguments now, cleanup def/in-suite, rem ...
8 years ago Reorder some definitions to get rid of warnings
8 years ago Added tests for lambda list processing
8 years ago Print the number of failed tests in the inspector
8 years ago Refactor/cleanup lambda list parsing
8 years ago Make sure restarts are properly installed when rerunning ...
8 years ago Only record real errors, serious-condition's are not rec ...
8 years ago Ensure a global-context in with-fixture, so using it in ...
8 years ago Properly set up swank:*readtable-alist*
8 years ago Oops, one more thing for the bind cleanup
8 years ago Follow bind changes
8 years ago FIX: do not warn for tests with uninterned symbols
8 years ago cosmetics
8 years ago Rename test.lisp to stefil.lisp
8 years ago Added style warning about possibly messed up packages/suites
8 years ago Added funcall-test-with-feedback-message