last changeSat, 23 Aug 2008 18:25:14
8 years ago TAG Before 1.0 refactor
8 years ago TAG 0.9.3
8 years ago Updated version number
8 years ago Removed ChangeLog file
8 years ago Updated year on copyright
8 years ago Added the ouput of the documentation to the boring file
8 years ago Bleh, fix my previous not :use-ing cl-fad patch
8 years ago Delete usage from the README, add link to the site
8 years ago Added texinfo doc
8 years ago Housekeeping
9 years ago support overflow on nsec value in encode-local-time, fix ...
9 years ago fix a string related type declaration
9 years ago Parse timezone names into simple-base-strings
9 years ago optimize format stuff, return simple-base-strings where ...
9 years ago optimize format-timestring, add some ftype's and reorder ...