7 years ago TAG Before 1.0 refactor
7 years ago TAG 0.9.3
7 years ago Updated version number
7 years ago Removed ChangeLog file
7 years ago Updated year on copyright
7 years ago Added the ouput of the documentation to the boring file
7 years ago Bleh, fix my previous not :use-ing cl-fad patch
7 years ago Delete usage from the README, add link to the site
7 years ago Added texinfo doc
7 years ago Housekeeping
7 years ago support overflow on nsec value in encode-local-time, fix ...
7 years ago fix a string related type declaration
7 years ago Parse timezone names into simple-base-strings
7 years ago optimize format stuff, return simple-base-strings where ...
7 years ago optimize format-timestring, add some ftype's and reorder ...
7 years ago tell the compiler the full thruth and let it decide what ...
7 years ago fix nsec parsing on 32-bit systems
7 years ago Added decode/parse/encode durations in the form of ww-dd ...
7 years ago fix format timestring bug with negative timezone offsets
8 years ago added test-parse/format-consistency
8 years ago delete an impossible case in %set-local-time-part
8 years ago use some +constants+ for readability purposes
8 years ago reorder some definitions to load it cleanly, add an eval ...
8 years ago an unfortunately big patch with INCOMPATIBLE CHANGES.
8 years ago follow the adjust-local-time patch in the tests, fix som ...
8 years ago added clone-local-time
8 years ago don't :use cl-fad, use fully qualified symbols
8 years ago Eliminated confusing local-time-diff. Added local-time+ ...
8 years ago Updated version numbers in system
8 years ago Local-time function now honors the nsec keyword argument
8 years ago Valid-date-p removed from library
8 years ago TAG 0.9.2
8 years ago Updated ChangeLog and CREDITS files
8 years ago Fixed tests to operate with nanosecond patch
8 years ago Email address and copyright change
8 years ago Updated documentation to reflect code changes
8 years ago fix split-timestring for 32-bit processors
8 years ago Added some TODO notes
8 years ago Formatting changes to follow the conventions in the rest ...
8 years ago Drop deprecated functions: local-time-day local-time-sec ...
8 years ago Remove local-time-designator. Seems like it's something ...
8 years ago timezone= docstring wording
8 years ago parse-timestring now parses nsec's to follow the nsec re ...
8 years ago Denys Rtveliashvili Changed the library to use nanoseconds instead of micros ...
8 years ago Denys Rtveliashvili Added "modified-local-time" and "days-in-month" functions.
8 years ago Denys Rtveliashvili Added a function which returns adjusted time, taking car ...
8 years ago Added timezone=.
8 years ago Added with-decoded-local-time.
8 years ago added valid-date-p
8 years ago Optimize some array lookups